Six Small Group Coaching Meetings for Human Service and Non-Profit Professionals

This series is for supervisors, directors, managers and other leaders who face changes, transitions, and other challenges in their work environment.

Topics are driven by the group members’ goals but will likely include: leading with a trauma lens, supervision theory and practices, psychological safety, creating brave spaces, change management and transitions, and values.

Mary Garrett Itin
Goldfinch Coaching

Mary Garrett Itin is a licensed social worker who has worked for 25 years in nonprofit, education, and government helping systems. She brings her warmth and genuine love of people to her coaching practice. Mary Garrett is an ICF Associate Certified Coach as well as a Certified Presence-Based Coach. Her goal is to help leaders tap into their greatness by connecting the mind, body, and heart.

Tracey Thomasey
Thomasey Consulting

Tracey Thomasey has been a social worker for nearly 25 years in the nonprofit world. She brings many years of experience in administrative roles, including that of Executive Director. As a Certified Professional Coach, Tracey brings her knowledge and experience of the challenges
and joys of human service work to every interaction.

How to Register

This leadership series will be kept to a small number of participants so we are able to address participant goals and remain available to participants if needed during the group meetings.

Registration consists of three distinct steps prior to September 6, 2023. All three steps must be completed:


Follow this link or the QR code to register for the series.


Meet with one of the coaches to discuss your personal leadership goals. If you are acquainted with one of the coaches, you must meet with the other coach for this 20-minute, intensive, goal-oriented session.

Mary Garrett:



Pay for the series in full. See Payment Section.

Cost: $500 for six 90 minute meetings.

Payment and Refund Policy: Payment in full is due prior to the first meeting. Payment through Venmo is preferred. Please use this Venmo: @MaryGarrettItin or the QR code below. Other forms of payment must be discussed with one of the coaches prior to registration.

No refunds will be issued after the day before the first meeting. For this series, September 6, 2023 is the last day to request a refund.